Dansbyrån Today

Dansbyrån is an artist-driven platform for the development of dance and choreography as theory and practice. Dansbyrån runs projects, provides meeting points that renew, challenge and develop dance as an artistic practice, and encourages artistic risk, depth and development. We create forum where people meet to articulate new questions. 

Dansbyrån was founded in 2001. Based in Gothenburg we work both locally and globally, and I run by choreographers Moa Matilda Sahlin, Paula de Hollanda and Marika Hedemyr.

Throughout the years, Dansbyrån has provided artistic residences, run a studio, initiated forums for dialogues, created a shared pool of technique and stage equipment, arranged workshops and meeting points for international visiting artists and local practitioners. We have also produced publications, provided mentor programmes and forums for feedback.  

Coming out of the whish to create a larger critical mass among dance practitioners and audience, Dansbaren was founded in 2002. It is series of seminars focusing on conversations and dialogues on dance, choreography and the combination of theory and practice. We hold that practice is a theory and that theory is a practice. Since the start in 2002, Dansbaren has arranged 6-8 public events per year. The project Knowledge in Motion 2015 is a further development of Dansbaren.

The dialogue continues – the format is changing.



Knowledge in Motion

Knowledge in Motion is a project where we will process the Dance Bar's living archive (2002-2014), examine knowledge timeliness, take the the concept of the Dance Bar one step further and examine how a dialogue can be choreographed and circulated. It is a choreography by and for knowledge.

What´s on?

The Dance Bar's and Dansbyråns's archives have been reviewed by Paula de Hollanda, Moa Sahlin, Marika Hedemyr and Ingrid Cogne. A number of recurring themes have emerged in the material. Building on this, Marika Hedemyr and Ingrid Cogne had an intense workshop week in August, where they developed these themes and articulated the methodology that has been the core of the Dance Bar.

On September 16, the Dance Bar and House of Words (HoW) of Göteborg Biennial for Contemporary Art co-organized a round table discussion with choreographers and dance artists on the theme ”innanförskap” (insider-ship) and ”utanförskap” (exclusion/outsider-ship) in the profession, the field and life. The participants were choreographers Aloun Marchal, Anna Bergström, Gun Lund, Marika Hedemyr, Paula de Hollanda, Phax Ahamada, Sahar Taklimi, Sanne Skjervik and Sigge Modigh. Throughout the fall, Marika Hedemyr will utilize HoW as a platform for working with Knowledge in Motion. During the last week of the Biennial, November 14 through 22, Dansbyrån will organize a number of open activities and Dance Bars at HoW.